All pilgrimages will be accompanied by a spiritual director (could be invited by you or the company) as well as a tour leader from the company to ensure the smooth running of our pilgrimages on the ground. There are daily masses every day during the pilgrimage. Our destinations include: Holy Land, Petra + Jordan, Spain, France & Portugal, Italy, Eastern Europe & Medjugorje, Turkey, Greece, UK & Ireland, Philippines, Vietnam and more! Contact us directly at majellatay888@gmail.com or +65 9737 7111 (WhatsApp preferred) if you have a group and would like a customised pilgrimage. Most pilgrimages depart from Singapore, however we have also led groups from Australia and Malaysia. So, just let us know and we will try to work something out for you! However, please take note that all pilgrimage departures are suspended till further notice due to the pandemic. We assure you that we will only travel when it is safe, because we ourselves will accompany you on the trip.


Chinese Holy Land Pilgrimage Italy France Spain Portugal Oberammergau Eastern Europe

Under certain circumstances, availability and time permitting, the company reserves the right to alter routes, time schedules, itineraries, or accommodation if necessity warrants such a change, especially for the smooth running of the tour.